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*seductive voice* what video games do you play

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「無題」/「gmyo」の漫画 [pixiv]

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I went through so many of these, omfg.

Mine had the markers, crayons and pencils. None of the markers worked, but I still carried it around to draw on.

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Wanna be a model for Coco Pommel?

Coco Pommel needs models to showcase her clothing lines as she moves forward in the Fashion industry! Are you ready to be the lucky mare or stallion that test-drives the dresses, suits, and casual-wear that Coco’s cookin’ up? Get ready to strut your stuff!

How do I participate?

  1. You must be following me (So the picture-thingies show up on your dashboard.)
  2. Reblog this post with a reference of your character.
  3. That’s it!


White North has been looking to show off his new modelling face.

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Burlap door hanger for an art project.

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when good artists think your art is also good


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Drew an Iron Man suit for Punisher… or Punisher suit for Iron Man…

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